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About Us

Vaibhav International Pvt Ltd ( VIPL ) has been in the market circles since 1977 which was formerly known as Vaibhav Plastics . Our company is globally engaged in petrochemical trading with sourcing, storage and distribution. With an age-old loyalty to our customers, we have been focusing on plastics, chemicals, agro and the automobile industries.

We continue to grow, improve, and innovate - offering customers timely advice and intelligent choices leveraging our vast information network and domain experience.
Setting Benchmarks

Our focused approach and dedicated service has earned us respect from an increasing clientele, both international and domectic.


We strive to constantly innovate - taking the vision of our forefathers further each day, creating great business value for our customers and lasting relationships with high quality services.

Knowledge Management

Vaibhav International ( VIPL ) vcombines domain expertise and best business practices - with knowledge management and high ethical standards. We have set an industry benchmark in service quality and value creation for our customers who have patronized us with their trust and loyalty.

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.
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The Business Spirit is kept alive by our guiding principles, which has earned us recognition for integrity and fair play among our associates and peers.

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